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We're seeking investments in service based companies in the United States.

Sell your service business to us fast and hassle free. We close in as fast as 30 days.

We are not an intermediary, and do not charge any broker fees. We are a private equity firm looking for business owners in the service industry who are looking to sell their business on their own terms.

It’s no secret that the selling a small business is an extremely complicated endeavor. Qualified buyers want businesses with limited owner involvement and strong management in place. Brokers willing to list the business are usually no-sale-no-fee brokers whose modus operandi is posting the business online, making a brochure, and sitting back. Proper due diligence is very costly, often not justified by the value of the business. Buyers are limited to people living within a small radius of the business. All of this makes it very difficult to find a buyer, often leading businesses to simply close the doors. 

LaunchbyDSC is here to change that. As opposed to the majority of the market, we’re not looking for perfection. We were created to invest in and systematize small businesses. We’re a direct buyer with strong systems and processes that ensure a seamless and fast selling experience. 

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Selling Your Business to LaunchbyDSC

When you sell your business to LaunchbyDSC, you are selling to a firm with extensive industry experience committed to continuing your legacy. We are a subsidiary of  DSC Solutions, an industry leading facility services company. We are pioneers in modernizing the service industry. As a result, we have a established systematic framework to optimize and grow commercial cleaning businesses.

We are direct buyers with a very flexible transaction model and we have the capability, resources, and contacts, to streamline the acquisition process. Each deal is analyzed on a case-by-case basis and taking into consideration industry and market specific factors. This approach allows us to create a win-win scenario for both, LaunchbyDSC and the seller.

  1. We’ve developed strong systems and processes that ensure you have a seamless selling experience.
  2. We put a lot of effort into making sure that as a business owner you can seamlessly exit your business and that we continue your legacy.
  3. We care about your team. At the most basic level, a business is made of its people. We aren’t just purchasing your cashflow, we are inheriting a serious responsibility to care for the people that make your business great.
  4. We follow our core value of “win-win, or no deal”. Our goal is to make sure you are much better off transacting with us.
  5. We have a dedicated pool of capital that we use to make acquisitions in short-order that can be win-win transactions for business owners.
  6. We give back – one of our top goals is to help businesses we acquire become leaders in positively impacting their community and its employees.

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