Point of Sale Solutions

Accept Payments in Person
We help you simplify payment acceptance, no matter how or where you take payments.

Though online shopping is experiencing steady growth, consumers still like to shop in stores. When they arrive, ensure you offer them topnotch service, including stress-free payments. We offer the latest in-person payment methods and devices to not only keep your customers coming back, but also help you streamline operations. All devices support a full range of payment options including credit, debit, digital wallets like Apple Pay® and PayPal®, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT). Rest assured, your sensitive cardholder data is protected with powerful embedded security in all of our devices.

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Why Partner With Us?

Fast Funding

Cash flow management is an important part of your business model. That’s why we offer a variety of funding speeds to help you best manage when and how often you receive payment for the day’s transactions. Whether you’re comfortable with a one- to two-day timeframe, or want funds on a more predictable and expedited schedule, we offer three flexible business funding options. Choose the one that works best for you.

Smart Terminals

As sleek as it is smart, Poynt keeps pace with your customers and your business. Plus, the Poynt HQ dashboard gives you real-time transaction and settlement reporting to help you effectively manage your business.o be successful a small business must operate on a very strict budget, it is essential to get the maximum benefit out of every dollar spent in order to remain competitive in the market place. That’s why you really can’t afford to do basic admin tasks for yourself.

Tablet Solutions

Turn your tablet into a powerful business management system. NCR Silver lets you easily take payments, manage multiple store locations, and balance your books from anywhere. And talech brings convenience to your customers – they can pay at the table, the counter or in the aisles.

Countertop and Wireless Terminals

Our carefully selected line of compact payment terminals allow you to easily and securely accept payments at the counter or around your business. Economical rental options put any model in your reach.

Installation and Support

Focus on running your business and leave the technical aspects to us. Our partner, Boomtown, does the heavy lifting with equipment installation and network access for most of our devices, and we provide 24/7 customer support.

We make it possible. You make it happen.

Your customers expect convenient, secure payments. Sounds simple. But why take chances? We have the expertise to integrate emerging technologies, security and PCI DSS compliance for a payment solution that can mean the difference between satisfied customers and delighted ones.

Smooth Operations

Get to know your customers. Our solutions offer real-time sales insight, enabling you to quickly respond to customer needs.

24/7/365 Customer Service

You'll never have to deal with concerns on your own. Call on us for whatever you need - 24/7/365, in nine different languages.

Same Day Funding

Don’t wait for access to your money. Enjoy high-speed funding with no additional fees. Our solutions scale as your business grows.

Tailored Solutions

From sole proprietors, to multiple locations our payment solutions scale to meet your needs as your business evolves.

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