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What is LaunchbyDSC?
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LaunchbyDSC is a growth accelerator that partners with vetted cleaning companies throughout the United States. We have developed systems that facilitate earning high value, multi-year commercial cleaning contracts. We leverage our resources and your locality to create a mutually beneficial partnership that accelerates growth for all companies in our network.
How it works:


Vetted Member Network

Identify and partner with janitorial companies looking for fast growth Our target is 1 partnership per 100 mile radius Provide resources for growth NEW

Proposal Writing & Partnerships:

Prepare and submit bids on behalf of member companies Direct partnership with our company to compete for $1M+ contracts Search for State & Federal Bids NEW

Full Member Support:

Financing for startup expenses, bonding, etc for large projects Systems to Increase Profit Margin Operational & Administrative Support Access to Discounted Equipment NEW

Slide Who We Are?

LaunchbyDSC is a wholly owned subsidiary of DSC Solutions, a facilities support company established in 2018. Currently it has over 600 employees and operations in 10 states.

In a short three years, DSC Solutions has grown a $3,000 investment into an 8 figure company with no debt or investor capital. We have managed to attain such growth by actively pursuing large, multi-year contracts. These contracts have a total value of anywhere from $500,000 to $20,000,000+ and are constantly being put out to bid across the United States. Our team of experienced executives has developed a program to help launch other cleaning companies companies past the $1M in annual sales mark via a mutually beneficial engagement.

That program is LaunchbyDSC. We provide vetted cleaning companies with the necessary resources to secure high value contracts through proposal writing or direct partnerships. We can handle the proposal writing, all start-up and administrative expenses, provide capital, and our past performance. While our local partners handle all aspects of the day to day operations.

We Give Your Company Exposure to High value, Multi-Year Commercial Cleaning Contracts.



Our Business Model is Simple:
We provide your business with everything necessary to grow very fast.

Prepare Bidding Package - End to end proposal writing
- Fully branded to your company
- Fill any content gaps
- Advice on pricing strategy
- Ensure paperwork compliance to prevent bid disqualification
Partner With Your Company - Search for large opportunities ($1M+)
- End to end proposal writing
- Handle all administrative work
- Cover insurance/bonding costs
- Finance all start up costs
- You handle all day to day operations.
Member Support - List of 500 potential customers
- Guaranteed cleaning contracts
- State and Federal bid access
- Get access to our team for coaching
- Marketing collateral package
- Access to discounted equipment


"The business world is not lacking in success stories. Some call it hardwork, others consider themselves lucky. Yet some people are just born to be successful such as Alan Chachapoya, founder and managing director of DSC Solutions, the most respected and sought after contract cleaning and facilities support service in the country today." Tyler Penske, CEO of Penske Media.

Meet Our Founder: Alan Chachapoya

His company, DSC Solutions started 3 years ago with a $3,000 investment. Looking for fast growth, Alan went against standard industry practices and developed a strategy that enabled DSC Solutions to generate a million dollar in sales it's first year in business. Its second year, the company expanded to 4 States. And it's third year, DSC Solutions became a national company with over 600 employees.

Managing Director of a facilities support company that services over 650 million square feet per year Closed over $35 Million Dollars in janitorial and facilities support contracts Created a multi-million dollar business with zero debt or investors Featured In:


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We know cleaning inside and out. We've secured multiple multi-million dollar contracts and can help you do the same. This isn't a course, if admitted to our program, our team does the work for you. The average Office Manager position has a salary of $45,000 per year or $3,750 per month. The average Sales Executive has a salary of $70,000 per year plus commissions or an average of $6,000 per month. That's close to $10,000 per month in expenses we cover on your behalf. Get Started Today


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